Secrets to growing a super healthy beard

When it comes to beard care and beard growth, it’s very important that you create a unique daily beard routine that works best for your facial hair. Just like with anything in life, if you want to improve or change something, it all starts with a routine.

Daily Beard Routine: Talks on Beard Grooming Care
December 19th, 2017 – That’s me I started my beard growth journey

Me before I started my beard growth journey

The goal of our Daily Beard Routine series is to share tips & tricks on beard care so that you can create your own unique daily beard routine. These beard care tips will help you understand how to maintain your beard and how each beard care product will play an important part of your routine.

DISCLAIMER: Growing a beard is not easy, it requires patience and a proper care.I believe it is important for you to understand what each beard care product does and how it can help with your journey of growing and maintaining your beard.

Some common questions around beard care routine

Quick Overview

If this is the first time you have ever thought about growing your beard out, it means you might be somewhere in your life, where you are looking to make a change or simply just don’t want to shave anymore. Either way, I can relate to you – this is the first time in my life I have decided to grow out my beard this long. I wanted to make a change in my life and I thought about ‘why not’ grow out your beard and have a different look for summer 2018?

March 19, 2018 that’s me on my beard growth Journey, check-in point at 3 months.

December 19, 2017 that’s when I started my beard growth Journey.

The first day I decided to keep growing my beard, I knew that I had to get comfortable with having a beard! So I started my research the next day around beard care and beard grooming. It was extremely important for me to learn the tips & tricks around how to maintain a well groomed beard to ensure I grew a modern beard. Here are some questions that I came across right away when I started my research on how to grow a beard faster.


How often should you wash your beard?

Daily Beard Routine: How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

This really depends on how long your beard is and what your daily environment consists of. If you are a chef and cook food all day, then yes, of course, you should wash your beard every day. If you do not participate in any extracurricular activities (fitness, sports, etc.) and are focused at your desk most of the day, then you can wash your beard every other day. I would treat your beard hair exactly the way you would treat the hair on your head.

How do you wash your beard?

Daily Beard Routine: How to Wash a Beard?

When you are washing your beard make sure to use a beard wash that is made with all natural and organic ingredients, it will ensure your skin and hair stay soft and smooth. Avoid using bar soaps and body washes when you are washing your beard. Use quality ingredients (jojoba oil, pomegranite oil) that will promote beard growth.

How to dry your beard?

Daily Beard Routine: How to Dry a Beard?

It’s very important to thoroughly dry your beard to ensure there is no water in the beard before you apply any beard care products. You want to make sure when drying your beard you leave it clean and dandruff free.

Your beard needs to be cleaned and properly maintained just the way you would maintain the hair on your head. It helps with growing your beard longer and stronger while keeping it hygienic and clean. It’s important for you to find the right beard shampoo and beard conditioner that works well with your skin and your beard. I highly recommend using a beard shampoo & conditioner that is made with good quality organic ingredients.

What are the benefits of using beard oil?  

The main purpose of beard oil is to help your beard feel hydrated while softening the beard hair. It will help to nourish and ensure that your beard stays looking good for a long time. The beard oil also keeps the beard hair smelling fresh – So, it’s important for you to find the right blend of oils for your beard. REMEMBER: It’s just as important to take care of your beard as is the hair on your head.The main purpose of a beard oil is to help your beard feel hydrated and helps soften the beard hair. The beard oil also keep the beard hair smelling fresh – So, it’s important for you to find your right blend of the oils for your beard. It’s important to take care of your beard as much as you take care of the hair on your head.

How often should you apply beard oil?

Daily Beard Routine: How Often Should You Apply Beard Oil?

It really depends on your personal preference on what you are looking to achieve with your beard hair. Ideally, you should be applying beard oil once daily to keep your beard soft and conditioned. I apply it twice a day. Applying beard oil on a daily basis should be an important part of your Daily Beard Routine.

How do you apply a beard oil on a beard?  

Here are simple 5 steps that you should take when applying beard oil on your beard:

  1. Add about a nickel size of beard oil into the palm of your hands
  2. Mix the beard oil on your palm
  3. Start massaging your beard with the palm of your hands along the sides of your beard
  4. Take your fingers and run them thru your beard massaging it with an in and out motion
  5. Take your beard comb and now start styling your beard in the direction you like

Do you use beard oil and beard balm or beard wax together?  

This really depends on the length/growth period of your beard. So, if you have been growing out your beard for only 1-3 months, it’s strongly recommended that you only use beard oil during that time. The beard balm or wax is recommended to be used after your beard has become thicker & fuller -it will definitely help control any flyaway beard hair. The viscosity of beard balm is thick/heavy while the beard oil is much lighter.

Which comb is right for your beard?

Before you decide on your beard comb you first really need to check how thick your beard is to determine whether to use a fine tooth or wide tooth comb. The right comb will help you properly style the beard hair and achieve the look you are wanting. When start combing your beard every day it will help to make sure that your beard hair grows in the right direction. It good beard combing regimen will also help prevent ingrown hairs. Beard combs are generally made out of wood, plastic or metal material, each has its own benefits and pitfalls.

  • Wood: The best beard combs are made from wood. It’s because they are handmade and it goes thru a process to make sure it avoids tugging and pulling your beard.
  • Plastic: I do not recommend plastic combs. They break easily, may cause split ends, and you will get static from the plastic, which will not make it easy to tame that beard. On the hand, they are cheap and small. Easy to carry around for a quick swipe if needed.
  • Metal: Metal combs look great! They add a little flair when using them because of the added style, but like the plastic combs, they too will cause a little static. These bad boys are super durable and should be used with a high-quality oil to avoid any split ends.

Which beard brush is right for your beard?

So with a beard brush, there aren’t different types because beard brushes are and should always be made of natural boar bristle hair, please do not use any products on your facial hair that’s made from metal and plastic bristles. It will damage and ruin your beard. The boar bristle beard brushes are good for your facial hair and skin.

Should you use a beard comb or a brush for your beard?

This really depends on how long your beard currently is and how your beard hair grows in? So, for me I did not need to use a bread comb until 60+ days into my beard growth journey. Up until that point, I was able to manage my beard with a beard brush.

What is the difference between beard comb and beard brush?

The main difference between beard comb and beard brush is how they are made. The beard comb has teeth made from either plastic, wood or metal with different widths available to make it easy to detail your beard no matter the coarseness or thickness of your beard. While Beard combs help with detailing the thickest of beards keeping those pesky hairs straight. Beard combs come in a slim design so they are easy to take along with you anywhere! The beard brushes are made from boar hair or horsehair and are made much larger, harder to travel with. Since the beard brushes are made from boar they help with distributing oils throughout your hair evenly. There is no wrong or right method, It is just finding the one that works for you.

How often should you comb your beard?

When I started my beard growth journey I remember reading ‘DO NOT OVER DO THIS!’ In the beginning, it may feel odd to have loads of facial hair – you will be inclined to keep pulling the hair down with your fingers, or combing/brushing it constantly. What you are essentially doing over time is just wiping the beard oil off. If you keep petting yourself enough with your fingers or that fancy new comb you bought, you are eventually going to remove the oil you spent time applying. So again, DO NOT OVER DO THIS!

How long does it take to grow a healthy beard?

So, this really depends on a lot of factors. Your diet, genetics, how do you take care off your beard, a lot goes into answering this question. The research shows that on an average you should be able to grow a thick beard by the 2nd or 3rd month.

How does the hair growth process work for a beard?

This is what I learned at Viviscal, a hair growth supplement company. It was all about hair growth in human bodies. I wasn’t able to find any solid research on how does beard growth work but since our research was done on the hair all over your body, this will apply to the beard as well. Here is a chart that we created at Viviscal Hair Growth company around hair growth process:

Does beard growth supplement really help with beard growth?

When it comes to supplements and medication I personally believe in one thing, which is not everything is going to work for everyone. Look if you have been trying to grow beard hair for 2-3 months and have not seen any processor are not happy with the results, heck ya, try a beard supplement and see which one works for you – simple rule, if the results are not there; something has to change. (As always make sure to consult with your doctor before taking any new supplements)

How do you style your beard?

This is something that I really had to learn and do research about. I never knew that there were products I could use to style my beard. I started styling my beard as when my beard was a pretty good length and it made a huge difference in how I looked. I would recommend you try styling your beard, you will see an instant difference in how you look, which should make you feel great!

Now that I have answered all your main questions around daily beard routine, I wanted to give you quick insights on beard care products that can help you grow a healthier and thicker beard when you embark on your own personal beard growth journey.

Beard Wash:

I highly recommend using beard wash over using any face wash or soap. The reason why beard wash because it contains all the natural oils that are needed for your facial hair. This also depends on the size of the beard. If you have a long beard, then you might not wash your face until you shower and during that time you probably are using a beard shampoo and might not use beard wash. They are interchangeable to be honest but with I tend to lean on the side of beard wash for daily usage and beard shampoo a couple times a week in the shower.

Beard Shampoo:

In my journey, I read a lot about beard shampoo vs regular shampoo. It’s the most common question that is usually asked when the topic of beard routines and maintenance come up. The answer is actually very simple. The most regular shampoo comes with a lot of chemicals to help clean your hair. The chemicals will strip your beard hair of any natural oils and leave it dry, big ‘no-no’. Your facial hair needs oils to be healthy and thick, so steer away from chemicals. Make sure the beard shampoo you decide to use has a good source of natural oils to help nourish your beard.

Beard Conditioner:

The ingredients in beard conditioner are what makes the facial hair feel taken care of. When you think of beard conditioner, think hydration. The traits in your beard conditioner and the conditioner you use in your hair should be very similar. You want to use a beard conditioner that is going to leave your beard feeling soft, silky, smooth and hydrated. Find one that uses ingredients that are natural and organic and promote the hydration process. Keep in mind scents as well, you want it to pair with your oil perfectly. I like to think subtle and not overpowering when it comes to the conditioner, especially since I keep 3 different scents of oil!

Beard Oil:

If you only learn one thing from this daily beard routine -take this one – Beard oil is an integral part of growing and keeping a healthy beard! Applying beard oil must be a part of your daily beard routine. Making sure you use an all natural oil, with the right scent can make a huge difference. The oils really do help with having healthy roots and maintaining great skin under your beard as well. Find the right blend and your scent, and use it every day. Beard oils should be used if you are merely maintaining a 5 o’clock shadow or all out caveman beard.

Beard Balm:

The beard balm is ideal for mid to large size beards. If you have dry skin I do recommend using beard balm in your routine. Beard balm in its simplest form is beard oil with natural shea or cocoa butter added to the mixture. This is added in small amounts and hardened to a pomade state. The beard balm also helps with the styling of the beard because of thick consistency. Always use a beard balm that has clean and natural ingredients.

Beard Wax:

When you are using beard wax that means you have a solid thick beard going! This is going to be thickest of formulas you will be using in your beard. It again starts with a blend of oils but uses beeswax for the base. This is the perfect leave-in conditioner as it takes much more time for your hair to fully absorb it because of it of its density. The beard wax is great for the serious beard-growers who want to style their facial hair. I did not find it friendly to mix with my oil, but people with beards larger than mine have used both at the same time as well – with the beard wax acting as a finisher.

Beard Butter:

So beard butter is very similar to beard balm. It works great for beards of any length and provides a deep condition. It can get messy tho! Because the base is shea butter (and usually heavy on the shea to give it that consistency) you need to be careful when applying. I use beard butter almost like I use lotion on my hands. It’s there to protect my skin and beard while moisturizing as well, so I rub it in thoroughly. Can be combined with your daily beard oil too!

Beard Wood Comb:

The best beard combs are made from wood. It’s because they are handmade and it goes thru a process to make sure it avoids tugging and pulling your beard. Since it is made out of wood, you will not have to deal with extra static or split ends and will help with an even coat of that great beard oil you are using. Highly recommended! BUT keep in mind, a good wood comb will be on the pricier side.

Beard Metal Comb:

Metal combs look great! They add a little flair when using them because of the added style, but like the plastic combs, they too will cause a little static. These bad boys are super durable and should be used with a high-quality oil to avoid any split ends.

Beard Plastic Comb:

I do not recommend plastic combs. They break easily, may cause split ends, and you will get static from the plastic, which will not make it easy to tame that beard. On the hand, they are cheap and small. Easy to carry around for a quick swipe if needed.

Beard Brush:

From what I have read, and tested, there should only be 1 type of beard brush. The ones made with natural boar bristle hair. These brushes will help with conditioning your beard, calming down any unruly strands you may have and working the oil into your beard. The boar bristle ones are gentle to your facial hair and skin vs metal & plastic which will cause irritation and split ends. Always boar bristle.

Beard Grooming Kit:

I do not think there is one ultimate beard grooming kit you should buy. You will need to try different methods and products before deciding on what is best for you. That is the best part of the journey! Find what works for you, and make that your kit!

If read thru all of this, I am sure that you will find success in your beard journey. I have learned to realize that for some people their beard is more than just facial hair, it’s their identity and it’s part of who they are. I hope you have a successful change in your look with this new beard of yours 🙂

P.S. The way to get started is to read my Secrets to growing a Super Healthy Thick Beard guide. In the Daily Beard Routine guide I share everything you should not do on your beard growth journey.

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