2018: Secrets to Growing a Super Healthy Thick Beard

At some point every single man who hasn’t been able to grow a thick beard have started to search online for information around how to grow a healthy thick beard.

And usually when you search online around healthy beard growth you will find articles like this…

  • Beard growth is 100% dependant on your genes and there is no way to promote organic beard growth.
  • The beard oil, and beard growth supplements are scam and do not help with beard growth.

In this article I will share tips around stimulating facial hair growth naturally that will help with growing a healthy thick beard. Here are some tips & tricks that are designed to help you grow a thick beard:

Optimizing your lifestyle is a key way to stimulate facial hair growth

Healthy skin is the foundation of a healthy, thick beard. It’s important to use a good moisturizer that keeps your skin healthy. Remember that cleaning and washing your face regularly will stimulate circulation, exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells that are causing ingrown hairs, and it open up your pores.

Exercising is an important part of your beard growth routine: The more you exercise, you will increase your testosterone, but also DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). The is testosterone product, which is also crucial when you’re trying to grow a thicker beard. DHT is known to promote the linear growth of each hair, resulting in curlier and thicker beard.

Reduce stress and get enough sleep. The studies have shown that men who sleep for 8 hours have nearly two times the testosterone of the guys who sleep for only 4 hours per night. Do anything to everything in your power to lower daily stress.

What type of diet can help with beard growth

In order for you to grow a healthy thick beard, you must have to have a proper nutrition. Here are some tips on what type of diet can help with beard growth.

Your diet should cover all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your beard follicles.

Research shows that diet that is heavier in carbs and fat with medium protein is the best for DHT and testosterone which helps with stimulating beard growth.

Here are 8 Foods that speed up beard growth:

    • Eggs
    • Orange Juice
    • Potatoes
    • Gelatin
    • Brazil Nuts
    • Raisins
    • Beef
    • Sorghum

Stimulate beard growth through supplements. This really depends on your body and also just like any medication, some supplements might work for you and some might not. Here is what to look for when you are getting hair growth supplements:

Make sure there has been research done (clinical research) that shows actual scientifically proven supplements that your hormone production naturally.

If you are one of those guys wondering “How to grow a beard if you can’t grow a beard?” I can’t stress this enough but your #1 answer is Minoxidil. It also helps with new growth on patchy areas that you aren’t able to grow any beard hair at. This method is highly used when you can’t naturally grow facial hair.

Experts recommend taking biotin everyday to help support your beard growth. Remember that Vitamins B6 and C, beta-carotene, nettle and flaxseed oil can support thickness growth for your beard as well.

Apply beard oil daily to help you with hair growth.

It’s extremely important to apply all natural or organic beard oil to moisturize your beard and skin underneath while eliminating beard itch and dandruff along the way.

Make sure to create a daily beard routine so you can really take care off your beard and are able to measure results on how quickly your beard is growing.

It is said that beard is associated with masculinity, power, leadership, wisdom, and patience, the thicker the beard the more respect it commands. Here is a quick infographic that can help you understand secrets to growing a super healthy thick beard.

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